bitcoind – bitcoin core transaction capturing for the company

I'm trying to implement a system in which users of my application receive a deposit address to which they could deposit any amount of Bitcoin at any time. They could also remove their parts and both processes should be automated. The same type of system as any cryptocurrency exchange has.

What I've been trying to do for a few months is to have a bitcoin kernel behind a node application that captures txs and stdout blocks, gets more information with a gettransaction rpc and a base MySQL data to store everything. I thought this approach is really problematic. I have tried to do some research but I can not find anything that is useful. All repositories and APIs implement invoice-based transactions. Is there a name for such a system so that I can do more research? I am curious to know if there are other ways that companies use this logic in production? Are there good source codes for similar systems that I can review? How do large crypto-exchanges manage these systems with hundreds of pieces?