bitcoind – Running multiple Bitcoin nodes on the same network

I want to run a bitcoin node on two separate devices (computer + dedicated hardware device) on the same network (and would like them to be accessible from the outside). Specifically, I have a Casa node with bitcoind and a Mac with bitcoind. Both on my home network.

I've read that it was essential to transfer port 8333 from your router to the IP address of the computer that runs your node. Therefore, I do not know what to do on the dedicated hardware device.

I saw that you can add Harbor and rpcport bitcoin.conf arguments, but I can not understand exactly how this configuration will work on the same network with two different Bitcoin nodes.

Any help from someone more expert (most people ha probably) than me would be appreciated, thank you!

Bitcoin.conf file

demon = 1
server = 1
prune = 750
zmqpubrawblock = tcp: // 28332
zmqpubrawtx = tcp: // 28333
rpcuser = xxx
rpcpassword = xxx