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BitConnect is an open source platform on which you can buy, sell and trade Bitcoins or BitConnect Coins with other members of the community. Bitconnect members interact directly with each other with a P2P platform, allowing them to buy, sell or lend to all other members.


The latter launched its own cryptocurrency at the end of November 2016. The Pre ICO sale was one of the best-selling crypto-currencies in the history of online business models.


BitConnect Coin is a decentralized, open-source, peer-to-peer and community cryptocurrency, allowing users to deposit and invest their money in a non-government controlled currency, and even generate passive income on their investment.


1-Description of the platform:


BitConnect Coin can be bought and sold online or offline. However, the most common way is to trade on cryptocurrency platform sites where you can buy, sell, or redeem BitConnect Coin for another currency or e-money. At its launch, 1B is worth 0.7 € and the price of BCC is now 1BCCoin = 2.04 $.


There are 3 ways to make money with this platform:

1- The first is to store your parts in your BitConnect desktop portfolio:


Each coin of the BCC becomes an active investment with a return on investment of 120% per annum, thanks to the PDS reward.

With this method, all you have to do to win is to keep these coins in your BitConnect-QT wallet.


2- Mining:


BitConnect Coin can be operated with the help of a processor / GPU, and does not require ASIC miners like Bitcoin. the BCCoin can be operated or your laptop or join the mining.


Features of BitConnect Coin:

Algorithm: Scrypt (PoW / PoS)

Abbreviation: BCC

Maximum number of rooms: 28 million

Maturity of the corners: 50 blocks

Total number of PoW blocks: 262800


PoW Block Reward: 10 BCC

Spacing of blocks: 2 minutes

Minimum age for the bet: 15 days

Maximum age for bet: 90 days

3- The third way to hear with BitConnect is to invest:


You can invest your bitcoins or BCCoins in the Bitconnect loan platform exclusively from the BitConnect dashboard. This investment option involves taking advantage of Bitconnect trading software and volatility software. You will receive a daily profit based on your investment option. At the end of the investment, you will receive your invested capital.


This means you remove it from the loan platform or reinvest it in the platform to continue to receive the daily benefits of your investment.


This credit platform offers 4 investment plans:

Plan 01:

Investments start from 100 USD to 1000 USD.

– Daily interest according to Bitcoin volatility software.

– Return on investment up to 400% (annual).

-You can withdraw your invested capital at any time after 299 days.

Plan 02:


investment from $ 1010 to $ 5000:

Daily interest according to Bitcoin volatility software + 0.1% per day.

ROI up to 436% (annual).

Can withdraw capital invests anytime after 239 days.


Plan 03:

-Investment from $ 5010 to $ 10,000.

– Daily interest according to Bitcoin volatility software + 0.2% per day.

-ROI up to 472% (annual).

– Can withdraw capital invests at any time after 179 days.


Plan 04:

-Investment from $ 10010 to $ 100,000.

– Daily interest according to Bitcoin volatility software + 0.25% per day.

-ROI up to 490% (annual).

– Can withdraw capital invested at any time after 120 days.

No withdrawals are processed without completing the Login Shield check. The verification is done every time you try to connect with an unrecognized device. You will also receive an email to confirm your withdrawal. This step is intended to prevent hackers from entering. you will return your capital after the expiry of the period you have agreed to lend money. The money lent is used to acquire facilities to extract more Bitconnect coins than people buy at higher prices. Interest in the process is shared between and the lender. Investors can lend dollars or Bitconnect coins.

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Another form of investment is to deposit Bitcoin. You will receive a bitcoin address where you can send Bitcoins. has 7 levels of sponsorship bonus in the order: 7% -3% -1% -1% -0.5% -0.3% -0.2% of levels 1 to 7 respectively. It's a great chance to earn more than you've ever dreamed of. Your referral link is ready when you register. You will find it at the top left of your dashboard. The bonus only applies when your sponsorship lends money. Commissions are paid instantly to the affiliate's Bitconnect portfolio and can be withdrawn immediately as BCC or BTC.

If BitConnect Coin seems familiar to you, it is a form of cryptocurrency traceable on the public market. You can easily generate your BitConnect wallet now and start looking for coins as an extra way to make money, but the BitConnect MLM opportunity really has nothing to do with it.

People who join BitConnect invest real money (in bitcoins or USD) and then convert it into BitConnect coins. The parts are then in the company BitConnect for 120 or 299 days, which creates a return on investment.

The 40% monthly return on investment offered to affiliates is supposed to be generated by the company's "bitconnect trading and volatility software", but there is of course no information to prove that this software actually exists or that he does anything.

In the end, the only money generated by BitConnect comes from investments by affiliates.

Newly invested funds are reconverted and recycled to reimburse ROIs due to existing members. BitConnect becomes a Ponzi scheme.

Even worse, the variable nature of the proposed return on investment will create an extremely slow collapse process. This means that the anonymous administrator will have a lot of time to create a good channel, then run away without anyone being wiser, and at the same time, most affiliates will lose.


The affiliate program is based on 3 levels, you will earn 5% at the first level, 3% at the second level and 2% at the third level.

3-Payment Information:

You can drop and remove using: Bitconnect (BCC) and Bitcoin (BTC).

The minimum amount to invest is: 10 USD

The minimum amount to withdraw is: 1 USD

4-Other information on the site:

Alexa Rank: 10000

Site language: English, French and Arabic

5-My opinion on the site:

The real risk in our life is when we do not take any kind of risk, Bitconnect may be just a Ponzi scheme and a scam, and maybe it's real because this crypto-encryption is listed on coinmarketcap and many exchange sites, only advice I can give you, do not invest what you are afraid of losing in such online business.

You can join the site here