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Our assets are non-inflationary, secure and 100% risk free. We have submitted all our investment plans to rigorous testing and can ensure the viability and sustainability of the program to continue to offer unlimited value and peace of mind. BitGeneration Limited is a cryptographic and mining company incorporated in the Isle of Man. For more than a decade we have worked in financial consulting, helping a large number of blue chip organizations and wealthy individuals make the right business and investment decisions. Our core expertise includes wealth management, investment management and financial planning. Our extensive financial planning experience and our commitment to innovation are constantly being leveraged on behalf of our clients, resulting in a continuous increase in their investment profile.


BitGeneration plans to become the safest and most reliable trading and investment platform, offering risk-free arbitrage opportunities to generate revenue.
BitGenertaion aims to provide all users, whether in technology or investment expertise, with an opportunity to participate in the global secure investment platform to take advantage of maximum returns and constant growth of investments.


BitGeneration's mission is to provide our investors with the most secure, efficient and stable investment platform in the world.
Our platform also guarantees a risk-free investment that meets the needs of our users and offers a superior and reliable return on investment, which increases your income in a safe and modern way.

0.4% of the hour for 30 days (capital included)

Minimum deposit: 0.002 BTC
Maximum deposit: 0.5 BTC

0.45% hourly for 30 days (capital included)
Minimum deposit: 0.5002 BTC
Maximum deposit: 1 BTC

0.5% of the hour for 30 days (capital included)
Minimum Deposit: 1.002 BTC
Maximum deposit: unlimited