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Multi-room faucet with many features such as daily tasks, Webminer, daily lottery, weekly happy hours with 5x rewards, low thresholds that can be reached in up to 5 claims.

Happy Hours every week where you can claim up to 5 times the current rewards
Tap – Collect all FaucetHub coins at one site every 5 minutes
Automatic Faucet – Increase levels and win without making short links or completing any tasks
Daily Lottery – You Get Free Tickets to Claim and Perform Tasks
Daily tasks – Short visits to request more pieces.
Webminer: You can now use your computer and get payments in Bitcoin.
Low threshold for all rooms
10% commission for life
More new features coming soon …

Threshold for payments: (these can be reached in 3-5 claims)
For non-faucethub coins, the threshold is currently high, but we will also decrease it over time.

XRP- 1 piece
TRX- 10 pieces
XVG- 10 pieces
ROSE – 10 pieces
ETN- 5 pieces
RDD- 10 pieces
BTC-100 satoshi
LTC-10000 satoshi
ETH- 3200 satoshi
XMR- 8500 satoshi
BCH- 2800 satoshi
Zcash- 6400 satoshi
DGB- 0.36 DGB
BTX – 1000000 satoshi
BLK- 4000000 satoshi
DASH- 5100 satoshi
PPC 600000 satoshi
XPM- 2000000 satoshi
POT- 28000000 satoshi

Every Monday you will spend happy hours each week, where you can claim up to 5 times more than the current rewards.

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