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Introducing Bitmex Mirror Trading – The Most Powerful Approach for Profitable Bitmex Trading – You Can See Above A Small Demonstration of the Bitmex Mirror Trading Feature

Mirror trading is a simple concept in which all slave accounts are connected to a master account. Transactions made on the main account are automatically copied to the slave account with the strategies of buying, selling, closing, stopping, tracking, and so on.

For example:

If a primary account generates 240% profit in one month, the same profit will be copied to your account, which is the slave account.

Benefits of using the Bitmex Mirror Trading Portal:

Only you have full access to your account

Just set the trade permission (ON) in your account (slave account) and the withdrawal (OFF).

All transactions are executed with precise limited orders

Support assistance is provided by the best traders in the crypto community

You do not even need a laptop / system or even a VPS – If you have a normal smartphone to register on the portal, it's more than enough

Here is the profit and loss counter of the Elite group for 2019 (January and February)

Number of trades = 70

Profitable business = 59

Transactions touch Stop loss = 11

Percentage profit = 3133%