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Join the largest BitMEX community on Telegram that provides a free bitMEX signal on the telegram & bitMEX auto-negotiation bot. Its fully automated scaling is automatically executed via our Dynamic Bot for premium members. He detected the trend and performed an interesting transaction, which is not possible in manual trading.

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It is important to note that margin or leveraged transactions are considered highly risky and speculative, so you should negotiate with caution. Always exchange the amounts you can afford to lose completely.

The biggest advantage of trading on margins is that we can actually take advantage of a position without having to hold the required bitcoin or encryption assets. In the world of cryptography, it is not advisable to keep a large amount of bitcoins on an exchange. Better to keep them only on a cold store.

Another advantage is that the exchange allows us to make short transactions, which means a profit when Bitcoin breaks down.

BitMEX is becoming more and more teasing for exchanging the financial market of cryptocurrency, as it offers the possibility of making profits while other assets on regular exchanges are decreasing. BitMEX is a trading platform, not an exchange as you may know, which makes a big difference.

BitMEX is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform that functions as a real-time application for potential investors. It operates in many regions such as Japan, South Korea and Europe, Russia. US citizens are blocked by an IP ban to use the live platform (but can use a VPN via RDP as many users report – no guarantee given here). Its commission rates vary with each transaction. BitMEX has been in the game since 2014 and was the first to launch a leveraged swap deal on cryptocurrency. In other words, since there is no expiry date (on the indefinite contract for Bitcoin ($ XBT)), it is not necessary to be positioned at a fixed point at every time. Only futures contracts have expired.