Bittoken –

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Investment plans: 4% per day for 35 days (capital included)

Min Spend – 0.001 BTC

Min Withdrawal – 0.001 BTC

Payment processors – Bitcoin

Commission of Reference – 3 levels – 10%, 3%, 1%

Type of withdrawal – instant

About us:


BitToken bot is an automated trading platform that provides you with simple investment tools via the Telegram app to develop your Bitcoins. We are trying to empower the cryptocurrency community and we think that with BitToken we are going to do just that because it is ideal for experienced traders and those who are new to cryptocurrency trading. Above all, we are a group of entrepreneurs focused on quick buying and selling transactions combined with crypto-currencies and arbitrage methods, we guarantee a daily distribution of profits to our investor investors. and the different verified signals that we receive daily.

Details of plans:


4% per day for 35 days (capital included)
Minimum deposit: 0.001 BTC
Maximum deposit: unlimited