Blockchain File Notary Service (for download sites and webmasters)

We are a team of Blockchain technology experts who have had many accomplishments over the past year. We are looking for partners interested in expanding their services with Blockchain technology. We have the expertise to perform the entire Blockchain integration process with minimal interaction from you and without special access to your servers. Your website and our Blockchain service will work independently.

We offer a notary service on the Blockchain file and everyone is invited to use it (artists, musicians, patent offices, accountants, researchers, etc.). We are currently looking for download sites to collaborate with. File verification is instant and free for all visitors via a web portal that interacts directly with our Blockchain. No application or registration is required. Your visitors can verify that the files uploaded to your website have been registered by you. By relying on the immutable and secure nature of the Blockchain, modified and corrupted files will not pass the verification process. Thus, users will be protected from malicious downloads and attacks, especially as ransomware is increasing.

We are continuously improving and developing our Blockchain services to provide a more convenient user experience and accelerate Blockchain adoption. Our service is always new, so we will offer it to the first partners free. If you have other uses for our service, we will be happy to help you. The next update should allow the recording and bulk checking of files. We can create an API according to your needs to simplify the registration of your files in the future. The partnership will be announced and promoted on several social media sites. Your customers will be happy to know that you approve Blockchain technology for their security. Do not hesitate to ask here or contact me with your requests. I will be happy to answer your technical questions.

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