blockchain – How the process "locks a certain amount of coins in the network" is obtained technically in the proof of set algorithm

I'm trying to understand more in depth the proof of proof algorithm. I think I understand the basics, but I have a hard time understanding how this has been done thoroughly in the blockchain network and how the nodes interact. So, for starters, when a node wants to participate in the forging or coining process, it is necessary to lock a certain amount of coins in the network as stake. The size of the stake determines the chances that a node will be selected as the next validator to forge the next block. My main question now is how can this be done technically?
Does each node have a deposit deposit for money wagered?
Does each node spread money bet to other nodes?

Suppose that there is NOT nodes that pay money and I is the selected node to propose a block. How this node I became known to others (N-1) nodes (if possible, do not answer me through a process of election of leaders, but how can this succeed, what are the steps to understand it).