– Recovering coins from a mobile Coinomi Wallet after app was uninstalled

A few years back, just after the Bitcoin Gold fork, I “extracted” Bitcoin Gold coins out of (where I had some BTC stored, though I now forget how I did that lol). I exported these “coins” to a Coinomi wallet on my old phone…

I still have my old phone, but apparently deleted the Coinomi app on it to free up space, forgetting that I had BTG “coins” stored on/in it.

I recently reinstalled the Coinomi App on my old phone & tried to restore the wallet (using my old 12 word seed-phrase) and the wallet seemed to restore/open, but no BTG coins “showed up”

So apparently by uninstalling my (old) Coinomi wallet app, I “lost” my BTGs.

I have 2 questions related to this scenario.

  1. Can I somehow recover the BTGs “lost” due to my uninstalling the Coinomi wallet (and losing the links) ? i.e., is the old Coinomi wallet (& BTG coins) still potentially stored on my old phone, but with no active links to them?

  2. Failing 1. above, can I still go back to and extract the same BTG coins from the same, identical blockchain address? (as my BTC have not moved since) If not, how does the original blockchain identify that the BTG coins have been “extracted” & removed, if that is even possible?

This question would seem to also have possible application to other forks on the blockchain, unless I’m missing something.

Thanks in advance for thoughtful responses.