Blocking the Twitter Carousel on Google Search Results

I am prone to procrastinate from needed computer work when I have the option to surf. Currently, I have installed a robust-enough set of blockers to ensure that I am productive most of the time, but one blind spot is the Twitter Carousel section that appears when I search prominent names in media. I cannot just block google, and as a result, I end up replicating some of my unfortunate surfing habits via checking the recent tweets of people I would follow if I had direct access to Twitter.

I am on a Macbook and use Chrome as my default browser. Is there any extension, application, or relatively easy coding method to eliminate the Twitter carousel from my search results? The only thing I could find online was the possibility of using uBlock Origin to create a custom blocker, but I cannot quite figure that out. While I am not close to a web developer, I am not completely code illiterate, so I would likely be able to figure out a set of coding instructions even if they were not extremely granular.

I am unsure if this is the right venue to ask this question, but it seemed the most applicable stackexchange out of the options. If this is incorrect, I apologize. Thank you for your help!