blogger – Why I cannot get monetized by Google? Are there unwritten rules?

I’ve created a website for a month or so. It’s a hobby website that I was thinking that I could monetize it.

The website is about stamps:

I have another blogger website that is being monetized at the moment.

Currently this website has 17 posts, and a few comments, but Google Ads does not allow me to put advertising yet and I don’t understand why. I’ve already checked the content policies, and everything seems to be ok.

It says that the website “Needs attention” and when I click for more information I get this:

enter image description here

My question is: The design of the website is fine, is mobile friendly as well, so what is the issue?

Thanks for any insight!

(FYI, I think that this is the proper site to post this, if there is another SO site that this post should be instead, please tell me so I can act accordingly. Thanks.)