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Due to current market conditions, it has become essential for miners to think proactively and start using resources that reduce the costs of mining. BMS Corporation began using solar and wind-powered bitcoin extraction machines for its day-to-day operations. Since we use solar and wind energy, our bitcoin extraction costs have been reduced by more than 75%! As a result, our company has turned to green energy to reduce its mining costs.

We believe in a future in which you can pay with Cryptocurrencies for products, online shopping and even doctor consultations. Each holder of Cryptocurrencies brings this moment closer. That's why we have strived to provide a simple, convenient and affordable energy extraction service, accessible to all.
Our team includes cryptography enthusiasts, engineers and representatives from various scientific fields. They can provide users with a service not only for the existing encryption community, but for new users as well. When we created BMSCORP, that was our goal.