boot – Falling laptop – Windows / BIOS will not show but Debian distributions will not

I dropped my laptop a few days ago and at first I thought my screen was completely broken. nothing was displayed until the automatic grub selection was triggered and chose Linux and my screen started working like magic. I've tried to reinstall grub, analyze hard drive issues and perform HP hardware tests. The tests said everything was fine.

I was able to watch my screen using a second monitor so that I could see the bios, the food and the windows. I have reinstalled a new copy of ubuntu 18.04 by erasing my old partitions. I then reduced the main partition and left Windows a little space to be reinstalled. I then installed a new window 10 on the new partition, leaving that of Linux. Still, my screen will only work for Ubuntu and an iso gparted live. Even the biographies will not be displayed on the screen, which I do not understand at all. What can I do to continue to solve this problem, or has anyone encountered a similar situation?

My laptop is an HP Pavillion 15-ab269sa.