boot – How to make a bootable ISO from Android CLI? (via Termux or Proot-distro)

I know there are some .APK apps that do it, but none seems to work for me (but if you have any suggestions, I’ll try).

I have LineageOS on my PC. So, my question is How to make a bootable stick with in Termux?
Which commande should I install?

I have also installed some proot-distros installed (I’m currently testing them as a newbie), so, could I use one of them? Should I try to use Multisystem?

I had good success with Multisystem, so if I could use it either as their bootable ISO or their .deb with success, if you think it’s possible, I’ll listen to your suggestions.

My goal is too create a recovery ISO in case my system fails to start, and to use a tool to resize my partitions. (I’d like to create a /recovery partition).