boot – The new installation crashes, it also misses a snack

I'm sorry because this question has somehow been answered a few times – that being said, a wrench has been thrown into it. Here's what happens, my new Ubuntu installation continues to freeze as soon as I try to login with my username and password.

That's a Dell Inspiron laptop with an NVIDIA Geforce 1050 card, on which I've installed Ubuntu. As far as I know, everything that needs to be disabled in the BIOS has been disabled (I suppose Ubuntu will – at least at the beginning – load correctly, is not it?).

I can not disable Quick Start under Windows because I have completely erased Windows. So I guess that's not a problem.

Okay, all that is said – I guess it's my NVIDIA drivers that are problematic. I have seen in some discussions that I needed to make changes to solve this problem by accessing a special GRUB menu by pressing Shift and / or E to access it. I have tried this and it does not work. In fact, GRUB does not seem to present itself at all.

I've therefore searched on Google how to install grub and it seems that the only way to do it is to insert a live USB disk and install it there. The problem is that when I plug in my USB drive and click "try Ubuntu", it freezes there instantly too.

I hope all this makes sense. I've tried to sum up the 3 day adventure in a few paragraphs as best as I could.