bootcamp – Restore a NTFS volume back up by Disk Utility

I have a Windows installation which I created with Bootcamp. Then I need to expand the volume to add more Software. So I use Disk Utility to create a DMG image for the Bootcamp volume. But after I have deleted the old Bootcamp volume and create a new larger volume, I cannot restore it with Disk Utility:

enter image description here

Nor asr:

 asr restore --source /Users/phuongnd08/Downloads/BOOTCAMP.dmg  --target /dev/disk0s3 --erase --noverify
    Validating target...done
    Validating source...done
    Erase contents of /dev/disk0s3 ()? (ny): y
    Repartitioning target device...
Could not change the partition type for /dev/disk0s3 - Operation not permitted

I guess due to NTFS? But this sounds very illogical because: you can create image out of it, you should be able to restore it from an image? What should I do now to restore that image?