British tourist visa refused twice

I therefore applied for a visit visa to the United Kingdom in January and this visa was refused on the basis of the first refusal – paragraphs 4.2 (a), (c) and (e) of annex v immigration rules for visitors
* not enough strong social, economic and personal ties with Ireland

I reapplied the following month and I was denied on the basis of
– V4.2-v4.10 of Schedule v: Immigration Rules for Visitors
* Only in employment for 3 months
* Declaration for a month
* 4.2 (a) (c) rules of immigration

I currently live in Ireland with my family and I work. The mistake I made at the time of applying was that I had started my work two weeks ago and that I had no history of travel nor of any kind. sufficient savings.

During the last 2 months I have traveled 4 times in Europe for various events and auto shows. I would like to reapply, but I need advice on how to strengthen my application for this period. enter the description of the image hereenter the description of the image here