"Broken" state in Chronicles of Darkness: Should I write down what I would have rolled without the penalty?

The text of the condition & # 39; Broken (Persistent) & # 39; (Basic Rule Booklet, page 288) reads as follows:

Whatever you have done or seen, something inside of you has broken. You can hardly muster the will to do your job, and anything that is more emotionally intense than an elevated voice makes you flinch and flinch. Apply a -2 to all social rolls and roles involving Resolve, and a -5 to any use of the
Jurisdiction of intimidation.

Resolution: You back away from a confrontation or fail because of this condition. If you recover an integrity point, lose another integrity point, or if you achieve exceptional success on a breakpoint, you can eliminate this condition.

Does this mean that I should throw the lost dice because of the penalty separately to see if they could have led to a hit, and only remove the moment the "real" throw is a failure, then that the "lost" would have changed the result to success?