budget – In Taiwan, do ATMs in convenience stores (7-Eleven, FamilyMart) charge higher fees than ATMs at banks?

In Taiwan like other East Asian countries (except China) using an ATM for a foreigner is quite a pain.

One thing I personally hate is ATM fees. Australian banks all gouge us outrageously already on overseas withdrawals, which I sadly can’t avoid so I am willing to go to extra effort to avoid or minimize the ATM fees I pay on the local end.

ATMs in convenience stores seem to be easier to find if you’re in an unusual location and less confusing to use. They don’t force you to choose between Cirrus, Plus, Visa, and a bunch of other options as the first step. They “just work”.

But at least 7-Eleven charges a fee of $100 TWD, about $4 AUD or enough to buy two large coffees or two meals of dumplings. I already often pay about $15 AUD per withdrawal so I’m not happy to pay another $4. I’d rather spend my money on local food than billionaire corporations.

The two or three times I used bank ATMs here and actually succeeded in navigating the options and unhelpful error messages I did not notice any message about whether there was a fee or how much it was.

I know in Australia privately owned ATMs like those in petrol stations, convenience stores, and pubs that don’t carry a specific bank logo all charge the highest ATM fees. Do privately owned ATMs charge more in Taiwan?

If the banks are charging me a comparable fee anyway then I’ll choose the 7-11 ATMs because they’re easier. If the banks don’t have a fee then I’ll put up with the terrible user experience to avoid donating $4 more to billionaires each time.

I’ve been hunting for the answer on the Internet a couple of times and just can’t seem to find the answer.