Bug – Signature not displayed

As far as I know, it's not possible to have an image / animation in Signature, not even for premium members (which, in my opinion, is good). rule.) You must have confused this forum with another forum.

Having an image or an animation in the signature is a very bad decision and I read somewhere in this forum if the decision not to allow an image or animation in the signature is:

  1. Keep the forum loading as fast as possible for everyone. Even a small image or signature could slow down the loading speed. Imagine a lot of small signature images and animations that need to be loaded by browser only to render the page. User with slow connection and limited Internet quote would not be satisfied to load unnecessary resources.
  2. Having a signature image or animation will only distract the reader from reading the message / content. Imagine a flashing animation and a colorful picture under each message more appealing than the message itself? What really matters is the content of each message and any distractions must be removed.
  3. This forum is better without image or signature animation. In other words, the image or animation in the signature is not a priority. An image or animation with a signature will make the forum unprofessional.
  4. Only the established user has received special "privileges" to have signatures. Even premium members must be established first to be able to have these signatures. The authorized signatures are the text and the hyperlink (no picture nor animation)

* What I wrote above is available in HELP ME section of this forum (some of them are based on conversations ormy habit of reading poster in various places& # 39;).

For anyone who thinks it's a good idea to use the signature only to drive traffic or SEO purposesIn fact, there is a much better idea to generate traffic and improve the ranking. Using a signature only for this purpose is "not a good idea", especially after many updates in the search engine ranking Algorythm.