bus – Bratislava (airport) to Budapest

I'm going to Budapest next month via Bratislava airport.
We will arrive in Bratislava at 20:40 and we want to take a bus or train to Budapest as soon as possible.

From what I've found, the best option is to take the 21:30 bus FlixBus from Bratislava, station AS Mlynske Nivy.

The only other options available, which leave later from Bratislava airport, pass through Vienna, in the opposite direction, and the journey takes several hours.

So I would like to ask, if you think that it would be possible (if the flight is not late of course) to get to the bus station before 21:30 from the airport (for example leaving at 9:00 pm) on a Friday evening. (We will take a taxi from the airport to have a chance to be at the hour)

P.S. If you know of any other options available, please let me know.