buttons – "Mark as examined" UI template board

Design for a business application in which the main area of ​​activity of the user resides in a list of "notifications".

The task of the user is to browse his records and evaluate each one, determining which ones require further action and which ones do not.

Above the table is an action bar with a wide range of actions that the user can perform on the contents of the table; they can check the notifications in the table, then use the buttons on the action bar to export, trash, comment, print the list and "mark as checked".

This last point is the stumbling point – I'm trying to create an icon that means "mark as revised". This action would mark all the rows of the selected table with a kind of flag indicating that they were seen.

Ideas? Previously, I used an "Open Envelope with Checkmark" icon, but during the test, the users associated it very consistently with some kind of sharing-related functionality, that is, sending out notifications by email to other users. Thank you for your contribution 🙂