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Yosemite National Park

Thinking about taking a trip to one of the many great national parks that dot the landscapes of California? If you’re serious about experiencing the true beauty and wonder what this state has to offer, why not visit the one that started it all?

Although not technically the first park to hit the books as far as history is concerned, Yosemite is widely credited with being a major step towards significance for a young and unorganized National Parks Service back in the 1800’s. The sheer beauty of its massive peaks and deep valleys struck a chord with politicians and poets alike, and after watching the damage that the mining industry had caused to local rivers and wildlife, they decided it was something worth protecting. Post-Civil War troops were commissioned to stand guard over gold-rich areas, and ever since then the region has been able to maintain both its natural state of wonder, and never-ending sense of adventure for all travelers and tourists to enjoy long into the future.

So whether you’re a pioneer looking for their next great frontier or just a person who wants to bring their family out to some of the best camping sites the West Coast has to offer, Yosemite National Park welcomes you with open gates throughout all seasons of the year.