Buying – Looking to Hire Writers

I again desperately need writers, who can help me provide quality items from time to time. The workload will vary depending on how many authors I can hire.

The rate of pay will be approximately $ 5- $ 7.5 per 285-300 words or per page. You will be asked to have the knowledge to write articles with full instructions. I will give you all the documents you need to write. Only the motivation to read and learn is all you need here. Oh and be able to type quickly.

Adequate training for interested candidates will be provided. This does not mean that I expect everyone to be bad at writing, I just want to train writers according to my needs, that's all. I'm sure every writer here is great, I've had the privilege of working with a few.

If you think that your English is good, that you can train and that you want to earn a good salary, this job is for you. The salary is subject only to an increase based on quality, I have no problem paying even higher amounts if you can prove to me that you can work hard.