BYE Need the EU dedicated to green energy and on-site assistance.

I got it with We hired six servers in their AMS-1 domain controller assuming that they would provide the same support as for their Paris servers, but it turns out that they have no one there . They can not even replace a memory module in a failed server although we have purchased the technical support option. I just received the answer "the data is irretrievably lost, we can not connect to the server". Cool that we were "assured" that the data was good with RAID-1 and all, then a defective memory module would definitely stop it.

So .. Looking for 4-6 dedicated cases in Europe, preferably in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, with ON-SITE support that can repair the equipment in case of problems.

Our current servers are their PRO-6-S (e3 1240v6, 64GB, SSD 2x500GB, 1Gbit connection, 300mbit / s dedicated). Private network a plus. 100% renewable energy a must.

I've considered Hetzner, OVH and Leaseweb, but their reputation seems to be about as bad when it comes to assistance.

Who should I consider?