C ++ _ULonglong variable not defined in Visual Studio 2017

The problem occurs at "_ULonglong". It returns an error stating that it is undefined. A little stuck to this problem for quite some time now.

void clothes_adding (string type, string description, int quantity, string
color, chain size, double price)

int location = 0; // 1 = found the location to add the clothes
number_Clothes = number_Clothes + 1; // increase the number of items in the system
by 1

// create a new template and put all the data

newnode = new clothes ();
newnode-> id = "C00" + to_string ((_ ULonglong) number_Clothes);
newnode-> type = type;
newnode-> description = description;
newnode-> quantity = quantity;
newnode-> color = color;
newnode-> size = size;
newnode-> price = price;
newnode-> next = NULL;
newnode-> back = NULL;

The included libraries such as and dint help to solve the problem.