c # – Calculates the position of the object in the screen space – canvas of the camera

I need to calculate the correct position of a 3D object that I display on a RawImage image in my user interface. If I put my UI image in the center of the screen, I can calculate it perfectly. If I move my image around its UI pattern, the results are shifted, depending on which side I move. I've taken some screenshots of what I mean, the orange side is my 3D quad, the white square is just an image debug where my point needs to be calculated.

Correct visualization, image in the center of the screen

Image moved to the left of the screen, erroneous result

The configuration I have is as follows:
– a world camera pointing to a 3D quad
– a canvas of user interface with a dedicated perspective camera (Screen space – Camera)
– a panel in my web of user interface displaying the 3D quad

The code:

var worldPoint = t.Value.MeshRenderer.bounds.min; //t.Value is the 3D quad
var screenPoint = worldCamera.WorldToScreenPoint(worldPoint);
screenPoint.z = (baseCanvas.transform.position - uiCamera.transform.position).magnitude; //baseCanvas is the UI canvas
var pos = uiCamera.ScreenToWorldPoint(screenPoint);
debugger.transform.position = pos; //debugger is just the square image used to see where my calculated point is landing

I've tried several ways, like this:

var screenPoint = worldCamera.WorldToScreenPoint(t.Value.MeshRenderer.bounds.min);
Vector2 localPoint;
RectTransformUtility.ScreenPointToLocalPointInRectangle(rectTransform, screenPoint, uiCamera, out localPoint); //rectTransform is my UI panel
debugger.transform.localPosition = localPoint

But I always get the same result, how can I do the right calculation considering the offset?