c# – How to apply forces to character with gamepad in Unity?

I’ve been following Brackey’s tutorial on this, see the excerpt from my code below. In his tutorial it only teaches “transform.Translate”, how do I use this gamepad input system tool to add forces to the character to make them move instead? So I can have jump physics, and when they’re in space they’ll keep the momentum.

    NewControls controls;

    Vector2 move;
    Vector2 rotate;
    private void Awake()
        controls = new NewControls();

        controls.Gameplay.Jump.performed += ctx => Jump();

        controls.Gameplay.Walk.performed += ctx => move = ctx.ReadValue<Vector2>();
        controls.Gameplay.Walk.canceled += ctx => move = Vector2.zero;

        controls.Gameplay.Rotate.performed += ctx => rotate = ctx.ReadValue<Vector2>();
        controls.Gameplay.Rotate.canceled += ctx => rotate = Vector2.zero;

    private void Update()
        Vector2 m = new Vector2(move.y, move.x) * Time.deltaTime;
        transform.Translate(m, Space.Self);**

        Vector2 r = new Vector2(rotate.y, rotate.x) * 100f * Time.deltaTime;
        transform.Rotate(r, Space.Self);

To move with rigidbody controls, you have to use things like “forward” or “left” but I want one joystick to control the forward, backwards, and side to side movements. I don’t know how to use the joystick input for moving in all those directions. The tutorials have them as separate arrow keys

does anyone have some sample code, or a tutorial to point me to, or just some explanation? it would be much appreciated.