C # – How to resize DataGridView 2 as well?

I have a form with 2 DataGridView and when I resize the form, I can resize only one of DataGridView for all sides (that's with anchor on all 4 sides) without overlapping DataGridView.

<img src = "https://i.stack.imgur.com/eqpTY.png" alt = "Form with the DataGridView(Ie.

Taking the picture into consideration, if I put the anchor for the 4 sides in the 2 DataGridView, the first DataGridView overlaps the second DataGridViewas the shape increases. If I put the anchor of the second DataGridView right and bottom, only the first DataGridView increases in size.

Question: Is there a way to resize 2 DataGridView for all sides (anchor on all 4 sides) without one under the other and both remain the same size?