c # – Increments each digit of a number to form a new number

Today I have found / r / dailyprogrammer and I have solved an easy challenge. I am new to coding and I am not sure that this is a good way to solve this type of problem. Could you, please, give me clues? How to make my code more clear and readable? Thank you!

Description of Challange:

A number is entered in the computer and then a new number must be printed by
by adding one to each of his numbers. If you meet a 9, insert a 10
(do not go back, just change things)

For example, 998 becomes 10109.


This challenge is easy to do if you map it to a channel to iterate
on the input, use and then restart it. Instead, try to do it
without launching it as a string, keep it numeric (int,
Float if you need it) only.

int static private Challange (int number)
int digits = (int) Math.Log10 (number); // this is the number of digits -1
int result = 0;
for (int i = 0; i <= digits; i ++)
int tens = (int) (Math.Pow (10, digits - i));
int currentDigit = ((number / tens)% 10);

if (currentDigit == 9) result * = 10;
result + = (currentDigit + 1) * tens;
return the result;