c ++ – LLvm Jit: How to dereference a runtime pointer from the jited code?

I have a pointer to a floating point numeric variable in my c ++ code. I would like to issue an IR llvm instruction that dereferences this pointer in order to access this variable from jited code. How can I issue such an instruction?

I tried to convert the pointer to an integer constant of 64 bits, then to a floating pointer. But when I get a malformed IR code.

auto *pointer_as_integer = ConstantInt::get(
    context, APInt(64, reinterpret_cast(&variable)));

auto *pointer = builder.CreateIntToPtr(
    pointer_as_integer, Type::getFloatTy(context));

return builder.CreateLoad(
    Type::getFloatTy(context), pointer);

I receive

Instruction does not dominate all uses!
 = fadd float %PTR, 4.100000e+01
ret float 

When I apply the verification pass. What is wrong with me?