c++ – Making 100 different named variables(but same class type)+ declaring many variables

I have a class named ‘Movies’ and I have hundred different movie name(in array) I want to make these Movies into ‘Movies’ type. How can I do that? I don’t want to declare 100 times by typing in expression.
I tried to Make Movie name as ‘Movies’ type variable by using ‘for statement’ but it doesn’t work.

I will explain more about this.

I made an changing variable(I would call this movie_name). It changes in for loop into movie name.
And I wrote My expression like this.

for( int i=0;i<array_size;i++)

Movies movie_name=array(i)

///it doesn't work

How can I change this? Or do you have any other way to do this task??

What kind of technique when declaring many variables??