c # – Sharing physics in the unit

I make a game with an endless mode where you have to avoid asteroids until you die. As the game could be interminable, I wanted to avoid the problem of coordinates mentioned here.

My player ship remains at 0.0.0. Asteroids appear at the top of the screen and "fall" to simulate the player who passes them. The player can also accelerate and decelerate. I've tried to script the movement of asteroids, but I would now like to use Unity physics to simplify the code.

By accelerating / decelerating, I could add strength to all existing asteroids, but unseen asteroids will not reflect the current speed of the player. I basically want all asteroids to have the same speed.

I thought maybe I could create a dummy physical object to which I could apply forces, which also keeps track of its speed. It would be nice if all the objects could just refer to the speed and forces of this dummy object. Is something like this possible with Unity physics? Or is there a better way to do what I try?