c# – Simple MemoryCache implementation for thread safe caching

After much prompting from this post I wanted to build a simple, in-memory, thread-safe cache.

The only caveat (as far as I was originally concerned) was the need for two different absolute expiration times for cached objects – those being based on a property of the item being cached (IsFailureItem). This is for a .NET Framework 4.6.1 solution.

I am primarily interested in anything which makes this either thread-unsafe, leak memory or simply bad practice. I know the class itself could be generically typed, but that is a decision for the future.

public class CacheItem
    public IEnumerable<DataItem> Response { get; set; }
    public bool IsFailureItem { get; set; }

public class CacheHelper
    public static CacheHelper Cache { get; set; }
    private static IMemoryCache InMemoryCache { get; set; }

    static CacheHelper()
        Cache = new CacheHelper();
        InMemoryCache = new MemoryCache(new MemoryCacheOptions { });

    private CacheHelper() { }

    public CacheItem this(string key)
        get => InMemoryCache.Get<CacheItem>(key);
        set => InMemoryCache.Set<CacheItem>(key, value, value.IsFailureItem ? FailureCacheEntryOption : SuccessCacheEntryOption );

    private static MemoryCacheEntryOptions FailureCacheEntryOption => new MemoryCacheEntryOptions()
    { AbsoluteExpirationRelativeToNow = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(EnvironmentHelper.CacheFailureSecondsToLive) };

    private static MemoryCacheEntryOptions SuccessCacheEntryOption => new MemoryCacheEntryOptions()
    { AbsoluteExpirationRelativeToNow = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(EnvironmentHelper.CacheSuccessSecondsToLive) };