cache – Can not find where my site is cached!

I therefore have some experience as a webmaster, but I am at the limit of trying to find out what is caching my site. I can not see the updates I make for my life.

What I've tried
– Clear application storage in Chrome development tools
– Cache purged in the Cloudflare dashboard
– Dev Mode Enabled in the Cloudflare Dashboard
– Check that the chrome development tools have been removed from the network.
– Added the following parameters / headers to the configuration of my nginx server:

            add_header Last-Modified $ date_gmt;
add_header Cache-Control no store, no cache, must-revalid, revalid-proxy, max-age = 0;
if_modified_since off;
expires on
etag off;
proxy_no_cache 1;
proxy_cache_bypass 1; 

I've also disabled the proxy / cache by cloudflare completely now.

I've tried renaming my index page to index2.php, for example, and then the new version is served. So I'm sure to work in the right directory, etc.

Are there any other clues on what could possibly cache my page?

I do not run Varnish or Squid or anything like that.