cache – the cache git remembers the old code

I have a strange problem. We are working with Ember using Git for version control some time ago, but in this new project, and for the first time, I had a problem following these steps:

1) I add the new image to the repo and I'm erasing the old

2) I modify my code to replace an old image with the new one

3) I check. Everything is perfect

4) add git.

5) git commit -m "shift messaging"

6) shoot [branch]

7) push git [branch]

8) I return to the browser and the images are broken

9) I'm inspecting and it turns out that the image that the src is calling is the old one

instead of

10) I ask my friend let me take my code and check if the same thing happens. he he sees it perfect, with the new image.

11) I take over the repo and bring it back clean. There everything starts again.

12) I come back to make changes and again and again pulls the old call appears. It's like I'm getting a cache file or something like that.

I do not think it's relevant considering the behavior, but in the template.hbs I have this code

And in the component this:

logo: calculated (& # 39; logo, function () {
return htmlSafe (# / assets / images / + ((config.APP.logo)? config.APP.logo: & # 39; tkalogo.svg & # 39;));

Has it ever happened to you, do you have any idea of ​​how to avoid it?