caching – Antibot Failing when Webform Embeded in Gutenberg

When enabling Antibot on a Webform rendered through Guntenberg, I can not submit the form.

  1. Create a “Custom Webform” block type with a single entity reference field for Webforms.
  2. Create a block (of type “Custom Webform”) that references a “Booking” webform
  3. Go to the setting of my “Basic Page” content type and allows users to include the webform block

However, when I enable Antibot on the webform and try saving the form, I get the error:

You have reached this page because you submitted a form that required
JavaScript to be enabled on your browser. This protection is in place
to attempt to prevent automated submissions made on forms. Please
return to the page that you came from and enable JavaScript on your
browser before attempting to submit the form again.

I’ve tried enabling Ajax with no success. I suspect this is a caching issue: when I edit the label of a input field, I have to flush all caches to see the changes reflected.

Currently, exploring lazy loading the block.