Can a Wildfire wild-shaped Druid command her Wildfire Spirit and her ‘Summon Bestial Spirit’ using a ‘Physic Whispers’ of a Soulknife Rogue?

So Physic Whipsers states:

[…] A creature can’t use this telepathy if it can’t speak any languages […]

A druid in wild shape retains her intelligence but

[…] your ability to speak […] is limited to the capabilities of your beast form

My question is

  1. Can she command her Spirits telepathically? A spirit understands the languages you speak, does it mean it can use Physic Whispers?
  2. Can she use Physic Whispers while in Beast form?

I guess I should decide it as a DM, since ‘no ability to speak’ does not mean ‘can’t speak languages’.