Can I claim ownership of a site in the Google Search Console regardless of other owners?

I am asking for help with the following problem:

I own a website in the Google Search Console (under the name, with another owner):

Screenshot 1

Later, I signed in under the name of my company, created a Google Search Console account under my company name ( and verified that kopexsro was the owner of the same website via an HTML tag:

Screenshot 2

Under, I correctly see the search history of the website with any time window. However, under, the search history is stuck in recent days (even though I've selected "last 3 months"), see the screen capture:

Screenshot 3

Then I switched to the account and added kopexsro as another owner (ie a delegated property):

Screen Capture 4

However, I still do not see any traffic under kopexsro.

Could it be because kopexsro was originally added independently of the other owners?

And when I delegated the property to kopexsro, is it possible that the "delegate" kopexsro is somehow not recognized as the "original" kopexsro?

Thank you