Can "Inverted Gravity" affect spells?

Since inverted gravity is a concentration spell, what would happen if someone launches it, then that an enemy launches a cloud of meteors over the area in which inverted gravity is in place?

Now, the meteor swarms are described as instantaneous, but still specify that their flaming fireballs collapse to the ground, as do the meteors.
So, would the inverted gravity spell prevent meteors from functioning, diminishing their functioning, or having no effect?

I would like both an answer that makes the most sense with the rules, as well as an answer that would make the most sense in general for a DM to implement. Personally, I thought the best way to do it would be to halve the damage they caused.

(This could also be asked for other spells that involve throwing objects, it's just a meteor swarm, in particular, I'm interrogating them over)