Can JQuery Datatables in a Search Results Web Part Return More than 50 Documents?

I found it difficult to find a way to remedy this problem. I am developing a search center page with jQuery data tables and article control and display templates. The Search Results Web Part is configured to use a results source. When configuring the result source, the test query returns all the documents in the library. I have the maximum setting of 50 set to the number of items per page to return. I know the problem comes from the control model: when I deleted it, it returned all the documents. When I configured it to use the control template, it returned only 50 documents. below is the code of the control pattern

    Taxable fee model 




Name of the document
Time last modified

_ # = ctx.RenderGroups (ctx) = # _


Are there limitations to the use of data tables when using a Webpart of sharepoint search results?

PS: The code snippet feature on this site cuts the end of the code, which is only a pure HTML