Can Kim Foxx be investigated for his role in the Jussie Smollett case?

Your mother is a little slow to assimilate or did not pay much attention.

Hillary used private servers to avoid FOIA requests. As a result, she broke the law by using her private server to send and transmit classified information. She even requested that these documents be sent to her and that markers be removed to make detection more difficult. She then went out and worked with the Department of Justice and Lynch to avoid punishment. However, it was largely a questionable question since the FBI had decided before the investigation that it would come out of it.

Hillary and the DNC cheated in the primary. This is because Hillary repaid the DNC debt and restored it to a solid foundation that forced the DNC to do its job. This is also why almost no one was running against her. The DNC was heavily indebted because of Obama 's actions that asked him for money, as it' s been a candy store and that 's one of them. he was a child dependent on sugar.

Obama, Hillary, Lynch, McCain and others set in motion actions that would ultimately lead to Trump being illegally tapped, a fake Russian record used against him, and even taken steps to organize meetings with the Russians for the Trump campaign so that they can use against them later.

Has your mother just missed all of the above?

And yes, Kim Foxx must be investigated because what happened is extremely unusual and there is reason to believe that something that should not happen has happened.

By the way, I did not even mention the truth behind Libya in this post and it is perhaps the worst thing that Hillary has ever done.