Can you give me an idea of ​​what this line of code says?

Thank you for your reply.

I'm trying to edit this script file so that the site's daily revenue comes from the amount shown in "u_paid_videos" (bd table)> "won_amount" (column), which reflects the amount won by the downloader for each video. sales transaction. I tried without success:

$ this_day_video_earn = $ db-> rawQuery ("SELECT (unit_of_edit) DE" .T_U_PAID_VIDEOS. "c WHERE` time`> =". $ day_start. "AND` time` <= ".$day_end." AND user_id_uploaded = ".$pt->user-> id);
// $ this_day_video_earn = $ db-> rawQuery ("SUM SELECT (amount - admin_com) AS sum from" .T_VIDEOS_TRSNS. "c WHERE` time`> =". $ day_start. "AND` time` <= ".$day_end." AND user_id = ".$pt->user-> id);


By "unsuccessfully", I mean that when selecting the html page "transaction", it hangs, it does not redirect to it. But if I delete my change attempt, the redirection is successful.

Any ideas to help me with what I'm trying to accomplish will be appreciated.