Can you use a virtual credit card to withdraw money from an ATM in the UK?

While the accepted answer is correct (I use a TransferWise card), the user specifically mentioned Revolut. Revolut provides a debit Mastercard (just like TransferWise) and I have used it across the EU (and in the UK…).

TransferWise may be available to users from more countries. My wife (Canadian, non-UK-resident) is not permitted a UK card, and uses my Revolut at UK ATMs, but she has a TransferWise account (I don’t know if she could get a TransferWise debit card).

My favourite is Curve, because it charges back to a credit card, and I switch between my UK MasterCard and my Canadian Visa, depending where I am; and I never have to load it up like Revolut or TransferWise. The downside is that I know you can’t get one of those if you are not a resident of the EEA.