Canadian Tourist Visa – What's happening with my application?

I am a foreign student in the United States and have applied for a Canadian tourist visa. I received a confirmation letter with an IRCC code and the letter ordered me to go to any ASC or ACC to give my fingerprints and my photo.

I made an appointment and went to the Boston Application Support Center (although I live in a small town in NY – I was in Boston for a few days and I was there). I decided to go there because there was no center very close to my hometown either). When I left downtown Boston after communicating my biometric data, the staff told me to look in my email for more information. I have not received anything since – it's been 5 to 6 days and I can not contact the center either.

I do not mind if it takes a few more days, but I have to know what's going on in there, are there any other steps to follow and, most importantly, do I have to give my passport for stamp (if this is the case)? Any help on how to find this information would be appreciated.