canon – Upgrading from EOS 20D

I’ve been a Canon EOS user for many years, I still have my original EOS 1 film camera. I invested a fair amount of money in EF mount L lens. I used to be a professional photographer until approximately 2000. 16 years ago I purchased my only Canon DSLR, an EOS 20D. Shortly thereafter my first child was born, and was mainly using the 20D for casual photography, and I bought some EF-S lens, mainly a wide to normal zoom, and a normal to release zoom, as I didn’t need the heavier EF zooms.

Around 8 years ago my wife bought me a Panasonic DMC-FH8 point-and-shoot, which is great for casual photography.

I’m looking to purchase a new digital body, and I’m partial to Canon since I have great lenses using the EF/EF-S mounts.

My main contender is the EOS RP, it is in the right price range and I can use my EF/EF-S lenses with a converter.

Are there other digital bodies I should consider? I’d like to total package to be less that $1,500.