categorization – How to create useful categories from labels without meaning?

I have several answers (and questions) because your problem is pretty global and I do not know the company you are working for.

1) Is there a way to rename each software into something more complete for new users? (Maybe not, that's why you ask, but always something to consider for your business)

2) Is there a way to integrate them into "bigger" software whose name means something? (Example: "Plus", "Less" and "Division" software in the larger "Calculator" software)

3) Do you have "Keywords" associated with your multiple software? If so, maybe you can sort them this way (creating a software group and then describing each one of them on one line)? (Example: "Plus", "Less" and "Division" in the "Calculation" group with a short description for each)

Primarily find a way to organize those who depend on your business with useful names for your users. You can even search to determine the type of business or users that need your software, and then organize everything according to your needs.