Pathfinder – How to prepare for survival after an assassination?

I play an Oracle of Level 9 life on Pharasma and I am the healer of the party. A party member has a greater madness (given by the GM) that led her to believe that Pharasma wants me dead.

My general manager has built NPCs to try to kill me and he is very serious about having our party thief murder me at a time of adventure (in strange years).
I do not want to metagame but I would rather not die; not like that anyway. So please, how can I prepare to survive an attempt at assassination?

audio – Why does the volume of iMac increase alone?

I have an iMac under OS X El Capitan version 10.11.6. I have two external speakers Roland (older – maybe 2006) that leave the port / headphone jack, and with many different applications, the volume starts to increase on its own. The audio preferences are set to "headphone port" and the external speakers do not have any kind of automatic volume control – just simple volume buttons that you have to turn manually. It's very annoying because I have to constantly lower the volume.

No suggestion?

[ Celebrities ] Open question: Who is hottest: Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner?

[ Celebrities ] Open question: Who is hottest: Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner? .

Is it acceptable for a cleric of life to use spells such as dead animation and / or contagion?

Player who returns for the first time to the 5th edition, played against and 3.5. I've read the basic material for the 5th but I wonder if it's against the class / subclass of makeup to use these spells?

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replacement – move to the last placeholder with entry

I have a longstanding problem when I try to use my entries instead of these in a text cell. The replacements I made include boxes that include placeholders.

When you are in the text cell, you type the shortcut string, and then usually press the spacebar. Then your replacement is done. Works very well. However, the cursor does not return to any of the placeholders. According to Wolfram via technical support, it is about normal behavior.

To go back, I have to press the left arrow key twice, then go through the placeholders. It is a pain and sometimes it does not always work according to the structure of the boxes.

  1. I'd like to find a solution that will automatically move the cursor to the nearest placeholder, to the left of the slider, once the automatic input replacement is done.

  2. If it's not automatic, I'd like to create a keyboard shortcut instead of relying on the left arrow button that does not always work.


How many portfolios do not support address reuse? (for refunds)

I've implemented an automated bitcoin refund feature that returns funds to the address used to sign the incoming transaction. How many portfolios fail to support the reuse / refund of addresses? If it is only a few portfolios or shared e-wallets, a notice explaining the situation on my site is enough for me.

  • There is no "address"

Yet each incoming transaction has its own list of incoming transactions with its own outputs sent to various "destination addresses"Therefore, the concept of non-"address of origin" is not valid. (Note: I am not concerned with unusual transactions such as coinbase transactions that really can not be repaid automatically … I just manage the repayments for these unusual transactions manually if necessary.)

  • Reuse of addresses hinders privacy

What privacy? Bitcoin does not provide all confidentiality … the transaction graph is open at public and your idiot if you think that social graph network algorithms can not link these transactions with high probability. If you do not want your privacy to use a mixing service … if you can not, the confidentiality of your transaction is very small.

  • the reuse of addresses is not secure

Poor implementation does not mean a bad security protocol. The fact that some portfolios are misused to implement cryptographic algorithms does not mean that I should always believe that the same cryptographic protocol is not secure for properly designed portfolios.

  • addresses are for single use

really? so why are the donation addresses valid for years ???

singular – Impossible to launch a GARCH BEKK in r

I'm trying to estimate a bivariate GARK BEKK with the mgarchBEKK R pack, but that does not work. The problem is that "H is singular

The error is:

Error in buff.par.transposed[[tmp.count + 1]]% *% as.matrix (eps[count -:
non-compliant arguments
In addition: Warning message:
In BEKK (diferenca.taxas1mo, order = c (1, 1), method = "BFGS"):
negative inverted hessie matrix element

My code is:

bekk.taxas1mo <-BEKK (diferenca.taxas1mo, order = c (1,1), method = "BFGS")

One thing that made me think is that the series I'm working on is about 1/4 zeros. Anyone know if it's a problem?

Is mgarchBEKK a good package to use?

Thank you in advance.

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