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Smart contracts are new-age contracts that work digitally with the help of blockchain technology. These are automated contracts that run under certain conditions. Blockchain App Factory manages the development of Blockchain Smart contracts and can provide your company with advanced contracts to improve your business operations.

Atirox Broker –

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Air Bit Club Ltd – – HYIPs

I am neither an administrator nor owner of this project

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Description of the program
AirBitClub LTD is a UK registered investment company. Our company is based at – 78a Fouberts Place West Central, London, United Kingdom.AirBitClub Company Registration Number: 11982422 The main business of AirBitClub Company includes automated high-frequency trading of crypto-currencies, blockchain application research and development; We hold a leading position in the industry and maintain close and close cooperation with the world's best-known trading platforms.

Investment plans

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9% daily for 13 days, 15% daily for 10 days, 150% after 7 days, 250% after 5 days

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Payment Processor
Perfect money

Reflective Committee
5% -2% -1%

Minimum deposit
$ 10

Encrypted SSL
Rapid and cooperative support
Protected DDoS
Dedicated hosting

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(Investment programs are always risky so do not invest if you can not afford to lose)

oracle – How to generate ddl for a synonym

SQL> create a synonym sy1 for t1;

Synonym created.

SQL> select dbms_metadata.get_ddl (& # 39; SYNONYM & # 39;; SY1 & # 39;) in dual;

DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL (& # 39; SYNONYM & # 39 ;, & # 39; SY1 & # 39;)
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------



Sales – Scientific Engineering

Seller's notes

Fully Automated Science Facts Blog + Exceptional Bonuses


Website designed with videos on Scientific facts and all that relates to it. No experience required. Works 100% autopilot, new articles and videos are added every few hours.

This site is built on the latest version of WordPress, which means it is very easy to use and totally suitable for beginners. No programming or coding is required. Everything comes with a user-friendly interface. It's great for beginners.

You do not need special knowledge about websites. In the email that I sent to the winner, I explained everything, step by step, on how to manage the website.

In addition, this website configuration runs on the autopilot, which means that it automatically publishes new content every day and updates itself automatically. No maintenance is required.

Very easy for beginners to earn extra income with little work.

Earn money with Amazon, Clickbank, Google AdSense or any advertising program of your choice. You do not need any experience. This site is fully automated.

The winner will receive a list of advertising programs and instructions on how to make money with these programs.

================== WEBSITE CHARACTERISTICS =======================

  • No experience required
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Theme fully licensed Premium
  • User-friendly design that allows changes
  • I use a theme on a website, which offers a hundred design options, so that the design of each website can be completely changed. Layout, width, structure, color, design, everything can be modified so that you can modify the website if you wish.
  • Premium Completely Licensed Plugin
  • Responsive Design – Great on Laptops, Tablets and Phones
  • Beautiful slider
  • 100% automated
  • New articles and videos are automatically added every few hours
  • Supports multiple ad networks
  • Supports affiliate programs
  • Flexible layout with multiple choices of placement of addition
  • Easy implementation of monetization
  • WordPress latest version
  • SEO Plugin installed
  • Full support for social media – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube
  • Anti-Spam Plugin installed
  • Contact form installed
  • Privacy Policy Page Included – Important for Affiliate and Advertising Networks
  • Conditions page included – Important for affiliate networks and ad networks
  • Disclaimer page included – Important for affiliate networks and ad networks
  • About us pre-created page

=================== Earn money ======================== ==== =

You can earn money in many ways

  • This website supports multiple ad slots, in which you can insert the ad code of your ad partner, such as Google AdSense, Amazon, PropellerAds, etc.
  • Amazon Affiliate Program – You earn commissions on items purchased in amazon stores (links to affiliated sites).
  • Clickbank Affiliate Program
  • Advertising spaces, banners on your website to advertise third-party companies.
  • Other affiliate programs

================== WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE ====================

  • Complete property of the complete site, including the domain.
  • Fully customized premium theme including all plugins.
  • I will transfer the domain to your property.
  • I will transfer the full site to your hosting account.
  • A fully licensed premium theme that you can use immediately to meet the needs of your business. – From $ 99.00 value
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  • The winner will receive a list of advertising programs and instructions on how to make money with these programs.

================== BONUS =============================== ====

1. If you purchase this website at the instant purchase price, I will host your website for FREE on my premium high speed server for 12 months. – From a value of $ 120.00

2. Amazon Affiliate Manual

3. How to drive traffic to your new Manual Web site

4. Amazon SEO Best Seller Step by Step The complete beginner's guide to get Google traffic

5. The Amazonian income guide

6. WordPress-All-In-One-for-Dummies Manual – Includes eight mini-books covering in depth what you need to know, including the basics of WordPress, software configuration, dashboard exploration, publishing your site with WordPress, using the SEO and social media, customizing the look of your site, using plug-ins, and running multiple sites with WordPress

7. Tutorials on advertising videos on Facebook

=============================================== === ======

Google adsense

  • If you already have an active AdSense account with multiple other approved websites, there is a good chance that Google will approve websites with duplicate content. If Google does not approve the website for AdSense, you will need to add some unique articles to the site.
  • If you do not already have an AdSense account, you'll need to create one. When creating a new Google AdSense account, Google wants your website to have unique content. The startup websites I sell are automated and therefore use duplicate content (articles and videos). You will need to write some of your own articles and add them to the website. This will facilitate the acceptance of Google AdSense.

Please note that Google is having a hard time being accepted into its AdSense program. They will probably reject your first applications. It takes a few attempts to accept an application.

In the e-mail that I sent to the winner, I included a list of 15 advertising programs that you can sign up for, which are good alternatives until you get it. been accepted in Google AdSense.

=============================================== === ======

If you have any questions please send me a PM.

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Which paid media are good for our business and why?

Which paid media are good for our business and why?

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